17 Contoh Recount Text Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi Liburan dan Artinya (Full Materi dan Generic Structure)

17 Contoh Recount Text Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi Liburan dan Artinya (Full Materi dan Generic Structure) – Untuk melengkapi bahasan kita tentang recount text full materi dan generic structure, kali ini saya akan sajikan beberapa kumpulan contoh recount text terbaru dan original khusus buat sobat pecinta bahasa Inggris dimanapun berada. Contoh text recount di bawah terdiri dari beberapa contoh recount text pendek tentang pengalaman pribadi seperti liburan, pengalaman tak terlupakan, dan juga perjalanan hidup seseorang. Mari langsung kita mulai bahasan kita dari contoh recount text singkat berikut:

Recount Text Holiday with Family dan Artinya

New Year Holiday Story
The last school holiday, I spent the time with my family on vacation to a relative's house in Madiun, approximately 6 hour trip by bus from our home in Malang.
On the way there, we saw many beautiful views such as rice fields, mountains, etc. Having arrived at the uncle's house, we were greeted by our relatives who had not met us for a long time. The next day, we walked around the town of Madiun until the sky got dark. Finally we decided to go home at 6:00 p.m. on that day.
On the next day, I forgot that it was the New Year. Sudenly, one of my cousins ​​came and asked me to celebrate the New Year's Eve together. At night, I went together with him to the center of the city of Madiun which had already been so crowded because a lot of people who also wanted to celebrate the New Year with his family. When the countdown arrived, the sky which was dark at once then became so colorfully decorated by fireworks. We prayed together and watched the fireworks lightening the sky that night.
Suddenly, the holiday passed quickly. The last New Year's holiday experience in the city of Malang was so impressive for me.

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Cerita Liburan Tahun Baru
Liburan sekolah yang lalu, aku menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga dengan berlibur ke rumah saudara di Madiun, kurang lebih 6 jam perjalanan menggunakan angkutan bis dari rumah kami di Malang.
Dalam perjalanan kami melihat banyak pemandangan yang indah seperti sawah, gunung ,dll. Sesampainya di rumah paman, kami disambut oleh saudara-saudara kami yang sudah lama tak bertemu kami. Keesokan harinya, kami jalan-jalan mengelilingi  kota Madiun sampi langit mulai gelap. Akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk pulang pada pukul 18.00 pada hari itu.
Di hari berikutnya, aku lupa bahwa hari itu adalah tahun baru. Tetiba salah seorang sepupuku datang dan mengajak untuk merayakan malam pergantian tahun bersama. Di malam harinya aku pergi bersamanya ke pusat kota Madiun yang sudah ramai sekali karena banyak orang yang juga ingin merayakan tahun baru bersama keluarganya. Saat perhitungan mundur tiba, langit yang tadinya gelap sekarang menjadi warna-warni dihiasi oleh kembang api. Kami berdoa bersama sambil menyaksikan kembang api yang menerangi langit malam itu.
Tak terasa libur pun berlalu dengan cepat. Pengalaman libur tahun baru yang lalu di kota Malang sungguh mengesankan bagiku.
Holiday in Sari Ringgung Beach
Last holiday, I went to Sari Ringgung beach in Pesawaran, Lampung. I went there with my family. We left for the beach from my grandparents home in Tanggamus  at 08.00 a.m. We went there by car. We arrived in the beach at 10:00 a.m.
In Sari Ringgung beach, I swam with my brothers and my sisters. After swimming, we play sand together. We made a fort, houses, and hills of sand. After being satisfied playing on the beach, we then took a bath and ate the roasted corn while drinking coconut water. After being fresh anymore, we continued to view seascape on boats.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the beach. After having fun for about five hours, finally we returned home. Before reaching home, we rested beforehand and ate meatball on the side of the road. The meatball is so tasty that I ate two bowls of meatballs there. Not long after that, we continued the journey and got home safely at 7 p.m.
It was a tiring day, but we were very happy, because we got a lot of fun together there.
Liburan di Pantai Sari Ringgung
Liburan yang lalu, saya pergi ke pantai Sari Ringgung di Pesawaran, Lampung. Saya pergi ke sana dengan keluarga saya. Kami berangkat ke pantai dari rumah kakek saya di Tanggamus pukul 8:00. Kami pergi ke sana naik mobil. Kami tiba di pantai pukul 10:00.
Di pantai Sari Ringgung, saya berenang dengan saudara-saudara saya. Setelah berenang, kami bermain pasir bersama-sama. Kami membuat sebuah benteng, rumah, dan bukit-bukit pasir. Setelah puas bermain di pantai, kami kemudian mandi dan makan jagung bakar sambil minum air kelapa muda. Setelah segar kembali, kami lalu melihat pemandangan laut dari atas kapal.
Saya benar-benar menikmati suasana di pantai. Setelah bersenang-senang selama sekitar lima jam, akhirnya kami kembali ke rumah. Sebelum sampai rumah, kami beristirahat terlebih dahulu dan makan bakso di pinggir jalan. Bakso itu begitu lezat sehingga aku makan dua mangkuk bakso di sana. Tidak lama setelah itu, kami melanjutkan perjalanan dan sampai di rumah dengan selamat pukul 07:00 malam.
The Last School Semester Holiday
The last semester holiday was a moment that I'd been waiting for. Because as long as I sit in ninth grade, I was spending more time to learn than doing some activities associated with my hobby.
My last holiday was classified as a very simple holiday. I was only at home for doing my hobbies such as writing, drawing, and visiting my friends’ house. On the first day until the fifth day I spent time with writing some short stories, chatting with family, and painting some objects at home.
Then in the following days, I visited my friends’ home to study and to do fun things together. Having finished studying, we then cycled around the area to see new things together. After being tired of cycling, we took visit at other friends’ house while fulfilling the thirst. Every time the day got dark, we went back to our homes to spend time with family.
Those days were very enjoyable for me. Although I only spent holiday at home by doing funny things, spending time with family, and visiting my friends’ home while studying, I really enjoyed that short holiday.

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Liburan Semester Sekolah yang Lalu
Liburan semester yang lalu adalah momen yang sangat saya tunggu-tunggu. Pasalnya selama saya duduk di kelas IX ini, saya lebih banyak menghabiskan waktu untuk belajar ketimbang melakukan aktiftas-aktivitas yang berhubungan dengan hobi saya.
Liburan saya kemarin, tergolong liburan yang sangat sederhana. Saya hanya berada di rumah untuk mengerjakan hobi-hobi saya seperti menulis, menggambar, dan mengunjungi rumah teman-teman saya. Pada hari pertama sampai hari kelima saya habiskan waktu dengan menulis beberapa cerita pendek, bercengkrama dengan keluarga, dan menggambar beberapa objek lukisan di rumah.
Kemudian pada hari-hari selanjutnya, saya mengunjungi rumah teman-teman saya untuk belajar dan mengerjakan hal-hal menyenangkan bersama-sama. Setelah belajar, kami bersepeda keliling daerah untuk melihat hal-hal baru bersama-sama. Setelah lelah bersepada, kami mampir ke rumah teman-teman yang lain untuk berkunjung sembari melepas dahaga. Setiap hari mulai gelap, kami kembali ke rumah masing-masing untuk menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga.
Hari-hari tersebut terasa sangat menyenangkan bagi saya. Meskipun hanya liburan di rumah dengan mengerjakan hal-hal yang menyenangkan, menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga, dan mengunjungi rumah teman-teman saya sambil belajar, saya sangat menikmati waktu liburan yang cukup singkat itu.
Traveling to Bajul Mati Beach
Last week, I and my family had a vacation to the beach because I and my little brother were having school holiday. This holiday was also a gift because two days before my little brother celebrated his birthday.
The clock was still at 4:56 am, but I and my family had been ready to go to Bajul Mati beach since the distance from our house to the beach is about 3 hours. We went there by car. In the car, there were me, my sister, my father and mother. We were not allowed to bring mobile phones by our father and mother in order to enjoy more the trip and the holiday itself. To spend the time on the way I played "guess the name by the letter" with my brother who is only two years younger than me.
Two hours had passed quickly and we began to enter the hilly area. We began to pay attention the sights seriously. We were fascinated to see paddy fields which looked so beautiful and green. After a while, we finally arrived at Bajul Mati beach. This beach is located in Malang, East Java. While enjoying the sea breeze, we ate together first. We can not stop being amazed at the beauty of this beach. Bajul Mati beach has not been well-known enough, so there were not many visitors there. But the beach was still so clean and brought us comfort.
We could not bear to play at the beach, so after having meal together we directly ran toward the seashore. We ignored mom’s words telling us to put on sunblock first. It felt fresh when the sea water reached our feet. We decided to swim in the estuary because the current was calm unlike those in the ocean. We had been swimming for about 15 minutes, before our father called and sent us to the seashore while our mother just took picture on us with his camera.
Suddenly, it was already at 12 o’clock, mom and dad took us to clean ourselves. After that, we prayed Zuhur together. The event was followed by enjoying the warm meatballs in a stall on the beach, which was very delicious. Eating warm meatball while seeing the beauty of the beach was so much fun.
On the way home, I and my little brother fell asleep. When we woke up, we were already at home. This holiday was really fun. I can not wait to go to the sea with my father, my mother and my younger brother in the upcoming holiday. I went back to sleep until the morning because we were still exhausted.
Wisata ke Pantai Bajul Mati
Minggu lalu, saya dan keluarga berlibur ke pantai karena aku dan adik sedang liburan sekolah. Liburan ini juga sebagai hadiah karena kemaren lusa adik laki-lakiku merayakan ulang tahun.
Jam masih menunjukkan pukul 04.56 pagi, tapi aku dan keluarga sudah bersiap pergi ke pantai Bajul Mati karena jarak dari rumah ke pantai sekitar 3 jam perjalanan. Kami pergi ke sana naik mobil. Dalam mobil ada aku, adik perempuanku, ayah dan ibu. Kami dilarang membawa handphone oleh ayah dan ibu agar lebih menikmati perjalanan dan liburan itu sendiri. Untuk menghabiskan waktu dalam perjalanan aku bermain “tebak nama berdasarkan huruf” bersama adikku yang hanya terpaut 2 tahun dariku.
Dua jam sudah berlalu dengan cepat dan kami mulai memasuki daerah perbukitan.Kami mulai memperhatikan pemandangan dengan seksama. Kami terpesona karena melihat hamparan sawah yang terlihat begitu indah dan hijau. Setelah beberapa saat, akhirnya kami sekeluarga tiba di Pantai Bajul Mati. Pantai ini terletak di Kabupaten Malang, Jawa Timur. Sambil menikmati angin laut, kami makan bersama dulu. Kami tidak bisa berhenti takjub melihat indahnya pantai ini. Pantai Bajul Mati memang belum terlalu terkenal, sehingga belum banyak pengunjung yang datang. Namun pantainya masih sangat bersih yang membuat kami sekeluarga nyaman.
Kami tak sabar untuk segera bermain di pantai, sehingga setelah makan bersama kami langsung berlari ke arah tepi pantai. Kami tidak mengindahkan perkataan ibu yang menyuruh kami memakai sunblock terlebih dahulu. Rasanya segar ketika air laut mengenai kaki kami. Kami memutuskan untuk berenang di muara karena arusnya yang tenang tidak seperti di laut. Kami berenang sekitar 15 menit, sebelum ayah memanggil dan menyuruh kami ke tepi laut sementara ibu hanya memotret kami melalui kameranya.
Tak terasa sudah jam 12 ayah dan ibu mengajak kami untuk membersihkan diri. Setelah itu, kami sholat zuhur berjamaah. Acara dilanjutkan dengan menikmati bakso hangat di warung di pinggir pantai, yang enak sekali. Makan bakso hangat sambil melihat keindahan pantai sungguh menyenangkan.
Saat perjalanan pulang aku dan adik tertidur pulas. Saat kami bangun, kami sudah berada di rumah. Sungguh menyenangkan liburan kali ini. Aku tidak sabar ke pantai lagi bersama ayah, ibu dan adik pada liburan mendatang. Aku pun kembali tertidur sampai pagi karena kami masih lelah.

Contoh Recount Text Holiday dan Artinya

The First Day of Holiday at Grandparents’ Home in the Village
I was so happy because last semester, I got good scores. My pleasure increased because during a week, I spent the holiday at grandparents’ home in Wlingi.
I arrived at their home Sunday morning at around 10.00. My grandmother is the best; she had finished preparing my favorite food when I just arrived at her home. Noticing my favorite food which was already on the table, of course I was immediately fascinated. Yes, my grandmother usually cooks my favorite food (chicken rendang) when I take a visit to her home, there is a large family reunion and lebaran. Perhaps, my grandmother cooked the chicken rendang for se felt so pleased knowing my plan to spend the holiday here, because we had not seen nearly 8 months at that time.
Having finished eating, I told him my experiences at school. They were very happy to know that my semester report’s scores were good. Next, I decided to move towards my favorite place in the grandmother's house which was in the porch. In front of grandma's house there are a wide football field and a tall banyan tree. Around this field, there are still so many paddy fields, which looked so green at that time. It was in contrast to the area in which I live where its field is getting narrower from year to year because it is closed to build housing.
The beautiful scenery accompanied by the breezes that blow caused me sleepy. I didn’t know since what time I had fallen asleep in the porch until Ashar praying time was coming.
After praying Ashar, I went to my family's rice field together with my grandparents which is located about 400 meters from the house. I was so amazed to see the rice terraces getting yellow which was so beautiful. Grandpa said that it was likely that our paddy could be harvested the day after”. He promised that he would take me to see the harvesting of paddy. Of course I approved the promise, and I couldn’t bear for two days after that day. I had already imagined how fun this activity would be. Even I had estimated how many sacks of rice we would get after harvesting.
Days seemed to run very fast there. I didn’t feel that it had already been night. We just stayed at home because of the heavy rain outside. The ambiance was so warm when my grandmother prepared us STMJ (Susu = Milk, Telur= Egg, Madu= Honey, Jahe= Ginger) which is my and my grandfather’s favorite beverage.
We ended the funny day with drowsiness coming suddenly and then sleep.       

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Hari Pertama Liburan di Rumah Kakek dan Nenek di Desa
Saya senang sekali karena semester kemarin saya mendapat nilai yang bagus-bagus. Kesenangan saya bertambah karena selama seminggu saya menghabiskan waktu liburan di rumah kakek dan nenek di Wlingi.
Saya tiba di rumah mereka hari Minggu pagi sekitar pukul 10.00. Nenek saya memang paling baik, beliau sudah selesai menyiapkan makanan favorit saya ketika saya baru ke rumahnya. Melihat makanan favorit saya yang sudah tersedia di meja, tentu saya langsung kegirangan. Ya, biasanya nenek hanya memasak  makanan favorit saya tersebut (rendang ayam) saat ada reuni keluarga besar dan momen lebaran. Mungkin nenek memasak rendang ayam karena senang dengan rencana saya menghabiskan libur disini, karena kami sudah tidak bertemu hampir 8 bulan lamanya.
Selesai makan, saya bercerita pengalaman saya di sekolah. Mereka sangat senang ketika tahu nilai rapot saya bagus. Selanjutnya, Saya memutuskan untuk bergerak menuju tempat favorit saya di rumah nenek, yaitu di teras rumah. Di depan rumah nenek masih terdapat lapangan sepak bola yang luas dan pohon beringin yang tinggi besar. Di sekelilingnya masih banyak sawah, yang tampak menghijau pada waktu itu. Berbeda dengan wilayah di tempat tinggal saya yang sawahnya semakin sempit dari tahun ke tahun karena lahannya ditutup untuk dibangun perumahan.
Pemandangan yang asri ditambah angin sepoi-sepoi yang berhembus menyebabkan saya mengantuk. Entah sejak kapan saya sudah tertidur di teras tersebut hingga  menjelang Ashar.
Selepas Ashar saya menuju sawah milik keluarga bersama kakek dan nenek yang letaknya sekitar 400 meter dari rumah. Saya begitu takjub melihat petak sawah kami yang sudah kuning, indah sekali. Kakek bilang, kemungkinan lusa sawah kami sudah bisa dipanen. Beliau berjanji akan mengajak saya melihat pemanenan padi di sawah. Tentu saja saya menyetujui ajakan kakek, rasanya jadi tidak sabar menunggu besok lusa. Sudah terbayang bagaimana asyiknya kegiatan ini. Bahkan saya sudah mengira-ngira berapa karung padi yang akan kami dapatkan setelah panen.
Hari-hari memang seakan berjalan sangat cepat di sana. Tak terasa hari sudah malam. Kami berdiam di rumah karena di luar hujan deras. Suasana jadi hangat ketika nenek menyiapkan STMJ yang merupakan minuman favorit kakek dan juga saya.
Kami mengakhiri hari menyenangkan itu dengan rasa kantuk yang bergelayut dan kemudian tidur.
The Story of Holiday at Home
Hi friends, now, I will tell my semester holidays at home. The last holiday, I chose to spend the time at home just because I wanted to have a lot of time hanging out with family at home.
The first day, I did some activities that I rarely do in school days. I started these activities with jogging in the morning, then played games on the computer, and played online games until 10:00 a.m. After that I took a bath, and continued playing the online games again until 12.00. Midday prayers time (Dzuhur) came so I must pray and then followed by lunch. After midday prayers and lunch, I and all members of the family gathered in the living room to watch TV together while chatting.
The next day, I was conducting a little bit different activity. After breakfast, my mom asked me to go with her to the Grand Mall in Bekasi. At the mall, I accompanied my little sister to play on timezone while waiting for our mother to finish shopping. I got home at 12, we continued our activities with midday prayers and had lunch together. After midday prayers and having lunch together, watching TV together while relaxing repeated again.
The next day, I tried to do my hobby which is writing short stories. That day I spent almost entire day to write short stories. I just took rest when prayer times and meal times with the family came. But at night, I spent quality time with my family to watch some DVDs together.
In the following days, we spent the time by doing the same activities. We were very happy even though we did not travel far away to spend a holiday. We enjoyed very much the family togetherness in the last holiday.
Cerita Liburan di rumah
Hai teman-teman, sekarang, saya akan menceritakan liburan semester saya di rumah. Liburan yang lalu, saya memilih menghabiskan waktu di rumah saja karena saya ingin memiliki banyak waktu berkumpul bersama keluarga di rumah.
Hari pertama liburan, saya melakukan beberapa aktivitas yang jarang saya lakukan di hari-hari sekolah. Kegiatan-kegiatan itu saya awali dengan lari pagi, kemudian bermain game di komputer, dan bermain game online sampai pukul 10.00. Setelah itu saya mandi, dan melanjutkan bermain game online lagi sampai pukul 12.00. Waktu sholat Dzuhur pun datang sehingga saya harus sholat kemudian dilanjutkan dengan makan siang. Setelah sholat Dzuhur dan makan siang, saya dan semua anggota keluarga berkumpul di ruang keluarga untuk menonton tv bersama sambil bercengkrama.
Keesokkan harinya, saya melakukan kegiatan yang sedikit berbeda. Setelah sarapan pagi, ibu menyuruhku menemaninya pergi ke Grand Bekasi Mall di bekasi. Di mall, saya menemani adek main di timezone sambil menunggu ibu selesai belanja. Sampai di rumah pukul 12, kami melanjutkan kegiatan dengan sholat Dzuhur dan makan siang bersama. Setelah sholat Dzuhur dan makan siang bersama, kegiatan menonton tv bersama sambil bersantaipun kembali terulang.
Hari berikutnya, saya mencoba mengerjakan hobi saya yaitu menulis cerita pendek. Hari itu saya habiskan hampir seluruhnya untuk menulis cerita pendek. Saya hanya beristirahat saat waktu sholat tiba dan waktu makan bersama keluarga.  Namun di malam hari, saya menghabiskan quality time bersama keluarga dengan menonton beberapa DVD bersama.
Hari-hari selanjutnya kami habiskan dengan melakukan beberapa kegiatan yang sama. Kami sangat bahagia meski kami tidak melakukan perjalanan yang jauh untuk menghabiskan liburan. Kami sangat menikmati kebersamaan keluarga pada hari libur yang lalu.

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