20 Contoh Soal Greeting Card dan Pembahasannya Terbaru

20 Contoh Soal Greeting Card dan Pembahasannya Terbaru – salam semangat sahabat berbahasainggris.com semua, setelah membahas dan membuat banyak contoh greeting card mulai dari contoh greeting card happy birthday sampai congratulation card, pada halaman kali ini admin akan berbagi 20 contoh soal greeting card terbaru yang mungkin saja dibutuhkan oleh Anda ang sedang belajar lebih dalam tentang bahasa Inggris atau bapak / ibu guru yang sedang bersiap-siap membuat soal bahasa Inggris terkait kartu ucapan selamat baik untuk kelas 7, 8, atau 9 SMP. Contoh soal greeting card kita kali ini saya awali dengan contoh soal invitation.

Contoh Soal Greeting Card Terbaru dan Pembahasannya

Read the following invitation to answer no.1 to 4!

Mr. & Mrs. John Smith's
Invite you to share in the celebration
Of the marriage of their daughter

Saturday, the tenth of February
Two Thousand and Eighteen
At Four o'clock
Saint Marry Jane Star of the Sea
1010 Windsor Lane
RS.V.P(453 334 234)
1.    What time will the event start?
A.    At 2 o'clock
B.    At 3 o'clock
C.   At 4 o'clock
D.   At 5 o'clock

2.    What is the text about?
A.    An anniversary celebration
B.    An invitation to Mr.& Mrs. Smith's Wedding
C.   An invitation to Natalie and Daniel birthday party
D.   An invitation to Mr. & Mrs. Smith's daughter's wedding

3.    Where will the event be held?
A.    At the church
B.    At Saint Marry Jane Star of the Sea
C.   At Natalie's house
D.   At Daniel's house

4.    The following statement is true based on the text, except….
A.    Mr. & Mrs. Smith are going to their daughter wedding
B.    Nathalie and Daniel are going to marry in 2018
C.   Invitation does not need to reply
D.   The event will be held in February
Read the following memo for answer no.5 to 7!
Mom, I borrow your clutch bag the one with black suede colour and two side pocket. I need it for Cinta’s birthday party tonight.
Thank you very much.
5.    Where is Sinta going?
A.     She is going to market
B.     She is going to mother’s party
C.     She is going to Clarita’s party
D.     She is not going to anywhere

6.    Which bag does she borrow form her mother?
A.     Black suede colour bag
B.     Black suede colour and two side pocket
C.     Black suede colour and one side pocket
D.     White suede colour and bag without pocket

7.    Whom is the memo given to?
A.     Sinta
B.     Mother
C.     Sinta’s mother
D.     Clarita’s father

The following text is for questions number 8 and 9!
Dear Farhan,
When your name is called as the best student please step forward-for high five! You are the best. Congratulations!
Uncle Joeny
8.    From the text we know that Farhan ....
         A.    gets a medal for the best student 
         B.    is the best student at school
         C.   graduates from high school
         D.   got five for his test

9.    "... please step forward ..." The italic word means ....
          A.    come to the front
          B.    move back
          C.   one step to the left
          D.   stand in line
The following text is for questions number 10 and 11!.
Nabila music school
Exciting course for those who want to learn how to play music instrument. Those the first 10 registers will get a 20% discount. Courses are held twice a week for three months. Fees charge: Rp 200.000 per course. Types of musical instrument courses are piano, organ, violin, drum and guitar.

10.  What kind of functional text is?
A.    Advertisement
B.    Leaflet
C.   Brochure
D.   Memo

11.  How often are courses held?
A.    Twice a week for three months
B.    Three times a week for three month
C.   Every day for one month
D.   Once a week for three a month

Read the following text to answer questions number 12 and 13!
Dear Wueeni,
Congratulation on your success on the college entrance exam. May this achievement be just the beginning of your long life success and happiness. Remember that the challenge is waiting for you in the near future but I believe that you can handle it well. Good luck!
Your best friend,
12.  The purpose of the text above is ....
            A.    To persuade someone
            B.    To entertain someone
            C.   To congratulate someone
            D.   To invite someone

13.  What has Wueeni done?
            A.    Won the contest
            B.    Passed the college entrance exam
            C.   Invited Fitri to his celebration day  
            D.   Graduated from University
Read the following text to answer questions number 14 and 15!
Happy Mother's Day
Your smile brightens each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and it’s with no doubt that this gives us the courage to face the new day with joy.  
14.  To whom the card is sent?
           A.    Mother
           B.    Father
           C.   Grandmother
            D.   Grandfather

15.  "... with no doubt that this gives us ..." The italic word has similar meaning to ....
            A.    Belief
            B.    Uncertainty
            C.   Selfish
            D.   Wealthy

Read the following text to answer questions number 16 to 18!
Congratulation on your success in winning the table tennis competition this year, Roy. It was a tough competition. We are so proud of you. We knew you would make it. We wish you the best always.
16.  What do the students of VIII D say to complement their friend?
            A.    It was a tough competition
            B.    Winning the speech contest this year
            C.   We are so proud of you
            D.   We wish you the best always

17.  "We are so proud of you." The italic word refers to ....
            A.    Roy
            B.    The table tennis team
            C.   VIII-D
            D.   Teachers

18.  "We wish you the best always." The underlined word has the same meaning with ....
            A.    Hope
            B.    Hoop
            C.   Wash
            D.   Watch
Read the following text to answer questions number 19 and 20!
We are happy for the arrival of your new family member. Wish you and your family all the best. May the happiness always with the beautiful baby, Anindya and her family. Hope she will be a nice girl in the future.  
19.  What is the writer's hope for the baby?
            A.    Being a smart guy
            B.    Being a nice one
            C.   Being a rich person
            D.   Being the success girl

20.  "We are happy for the arrival ..." What is the antonym of the underlined word?
            A.    Birth
            B.    Death
            C.   Growth
            D.   Departure
Nah, semoga contoh-contoh soal bahasa Inggris di atas membawa banyak manfaat untuk penulis khususnya dan untuk semua pembaca umumnya. Apa bila Anda ingin membuat contoh soal Anda sendiri, sebagai referensi dapat Anda lihat contoh-contoh greeting card pada artikel-artikel berikut:

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