Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Congratulation untuk 2 Orang, 3 Orang, dan 4 Orang dan Artinya

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Congratulation untuk 2 Orang, 3 Orang, dan 4 Orang dan Artinya – Sobat yang berbahagia, setelah kita bahas panjang lebar tentang contoh kartu ucapan selamat (Congratulation Card) dalam bahasa Inggris, pada diskusi kali ini kita akan membahas juga tentang contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris dan artinya khususnya dialog congratulation untuk 2, 3, dan 4 orang. Namun sebelumnya, mari kita lihat terlebih dahulu beberapa ungkapan untuk mengucapkan selamat dan ungkapan-ungkapan untuk meresponsnya.

Dialog Bahasa Inggris Congratulation 2,3,4 Orang dan Artinya
Dialog Bahasa Inggris Congratulation 2,3,4 Orang dan Artinya

Congratulating (Mengucapkan Selamat Atas Kesuksesan Seseorang)

1. I’d like to congratulate you on your success (Aku ingin mengucapkan selamat atas kesuksesanmu (lebih formal))
2. Please, accept my warmest congratulations (Terimalah ucapan selamat yang paling hangat dari saya (formal))
3. May I congratulate you on… (Bolehkah saya mengucapkan selamat atas… (formal))
4. I must say congratulation on… (Saya harus mengucapkan selamat atas… (formal))
5.I’d be the first to congratulate you on your success (Saya ingin jadi yang pertama mengucapkan)
6. I congratulate you on your achievements (Saya ucapkan selamat atas pencapaian Anda)
7. Congratulation on your achievements (Selamat atas prestasi/pencapaian Anda)
8. Well done, congratulation for you (Luar biasa, selamat untuk Anda)
9. It was really great to hear about (Itu sangat hebat untuk didengar)
10. Congratulation on your success (Selamat atas keberhasilan Anda)
11. You have done a good work (Kerja Anda sangat baik)
12. You did very well (Kerja Anda sangat baik)
13. That’s excellent of you! (Anda luar biasa!)
14. You are fantastic! (Anda sangat hebat!)
15. How fortunate (Beruntung sekali)
16. Congratulations! (Selamat!)
17. Nice work! (Kerja bagus!)
18. Good job! (Kerja bagus!)
19. Splendid (Luar biasa)

Responding Congratulations, (Merespon dan Menjawab Ucapan Selamat)

1. Thank you, I still have to learn more (Terima kasih, saya masih harus banyak belajar)
2. Thanks you very much for saying so (Terima kasih banyak sudah berkata demikian)
3. It’s very kind of you to say so (Anda sangat baik telah berkata demikian)
4. Oh, it’s nothing special actually (Oh, sebenarnya ini bukan apa-apa)
5. I am glad you think so (Saya senang Anda berpikir demikian)
6. Thanks for your saying (Terima kasih atas ucapan Anda)
7. Oh, it was really nothing (Oh, itu bukan apa-apa)
8. Oh, not really (Oh, tidak juga)
9. Nothing to it (Bukan apa-apa)
10. Thank you (Terima kasih)

Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang tentang Ucapan Selamat

Feta: Hai Anu, how are you?
Anu: Helo Feta, I’m fine thank you, and you?
Feta: I’m fine too, thank you. I Heard that you have got scholarship to study in Europe, is it true?
Anu: Yes, you are right. Thanks God, I get what I’ve dreamt for a long time.
Feta: That’s fabulous; you are such a smart and lucky student. Congratulations on your success.
Anu: Thank you very much Feta. As the celebrations I will treat you at the cafeteria this lunch.
Feta: Thanks Anu, I am really proud of you anyway.
Anu: Thanks Feta, you are my best friend.

Dialog Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang tentang Ucapan Selamat

X : So, how long has it been since the first publishing of your tutorial video?
Y : It’s been 2 weeks since then.
Z : So, how many viewers have been seen this far?
Y : Thanks God. There are so many people who seem to like the video. Since the first publishing 2 weeks ago, there have been over 500.000 viewer of this video.
X : Splendid! I’d like to congratulate you on your success at your first time publishing your tutorial video.
Y : Thank you very much, X. It’s very kind of you to say so.
Z : You deserve it. Keep the good work, Y. I am sure that you will be a great video maker someday.
Y : Thanks a lot Z.

Dialog Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang tentang Ucapan Selamat

(In a rest time, while Dea, Dwi, and Nea were going to the library, they met Ana.)
Dea : Hi, Ana. How are you doing?
Ana : I am fine, thanks. Where are you going?
Dwi : We are going to library, what about you?
Ana : I am too. Let’s go there together.
Nea : By the way, You look great today Ana! I love your new hair style.
Ana : Thank you very much, Nea. Yours is more beautiful.
Nea : By the way guys, Have you got the result of our mid test? Mine is not really satisfying.
Dea : Yes, I’ve got it. Not so bad. We can do better guys.
Dwi : I have too. You know what? Ana got the highest score in that test.
Nea : That’s great. Congratulations Ana! How’s the score?
Ana : Thank you Nea. I got 98 for the test. I have prepared it since the beginning of the semester.
Dea : Wow, that’s amazing. I know you deserve it Ana. Well done!
Ana : Thanks for your compliment, Dea. You are so kind.
Nah, demikianlah contoh-contoh dialog dengan tema congratulation pada diskusi kita kali ini. Beberapa tema terkait congratulation yang juga dapat Anda lihat di sini adalah contoh congratulation card, soal-soal congratulation, dan contoh giving compliment. Semoga bermanfaat.

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