Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Congratulation, Praise, Wish, dan Hope

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris  tentang Congratulation, Praise, Wish, dan Hope – Sobat pecinta, pada posting kali ini saya ingin memberikan sebuah contoh soal quiz bahasa Inggris untuk level SMP tentang materi Congratulation, Praising, Hope, dan Wish. Soal-soal di sini sengaja kami belum sertakan dengan pembahasannya agar ketika soal-soal ini dipakai murid tidak dengan mudah dapat menemukan jawaban dengan melihat situs ini.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris  tentang Congratulation, Praise,
Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris  tentang Congratulation, Praise,

Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP tentang materi Congratulation, Praising, Hope, dan Wish

A. Match the following statements with the right responses!
1. Congratulation for your winning the swimming competition.
2. Good job your classroom is very clean. I am sure you will win the competition.
3. You know what. I am going one holiday to Bali this December.
4. Amazing. You have practiced a lot for the exam. I am sure you will get the best score.
5. Our Basketball team is playing against Team Giant at the final round this afternoon.
6. Great. Your pronunciation is native alike. I am sure you will win the speech contest.
7. My brother got scholarship to study in Australia.
8. Congratulation Nanda You are simply the best.
9. Miss. Aurora is going to Jakarta for a music talent program.
10. You finally did it. Congratulation, Wanda. You got 3 YESES from the Jakarta.
11. I am very happy that I get A for my English test.
12. I am so excited that I am going to Singapore for international math Olympiad.

A. Thank you dad. I want to make you happy.
B. Great. That's good for you. I was there last year.
C. lam happy for You. I wish you all the best.
D. Thank you. It's because we all work together.
E. That sounds great. I am happy for her.
F. Thanks. I’ll do my best.
G. Great. I wish them all the best.
H. Amazing. I wish him a great success.
I. Congratulation. You are improving a lot for some lesson this semester.
J. Thanks. I still don’t believe that I could break the record.
K. Thank you. All of them also like my costume a lot.
L. Thank you. It’s not that easy anyway.
B. Complete the following statements with the right word provided!
1. Congratulation. I …….. happy for you.
2. Amazing. The drawing …….. alive.
3. We …….. everyone a safe trip.
4. Dina always does …….. best in any competition.
5. We …….. proud of you.
6. Bima got …….. A for English test.
7. All grade nine …….. pray for Winda's success.
8. Everyone........ that the test will be easy,
9. We …….. everyone wil have a safe trip.
10. Dito makes …….. parents proud by becoming the best student.
11. Huda got a …….. to study in jakarta.
12. The juries gave Rany  two ……..
13. My friends …….. me to be the class leader.
14. Fisky got a gold …….. in the writing competition.
15. Everyone …….. happy for Fisky's winning the writing contest.
16. Out school sent two …….. in the competition.
17. We are always serious with …….. study.
18. Every student …….. a choice to show the talent.
The provided words
teams ----- are  ----- her ----- an ----- his ----- students -----
wish ----- yeses ----- hopes ----- scholarship -----hope ----- is -----
support ----- am ----- medal ----- looks ----- shows ----- a -----
Nah somoga soal-soal di atas dapat bermanfaat sebagai bahan latihan untuk para murid dan dapat menjadi referensi pembuatan soal untuk guru-guru bahasa Inggris dimanapun berada. Ateri terkait dengan congratulation dapat diakses dengan memilih topik-topik berikut ini: contoh greeting card, contoh congratulation card, serta contoh greeting card happy birthday dan artinya.

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